Campervan holidays with kids: 7 essential items you need

Campervan Holidays with Kids: 7 Essential Items You Need

In my mind, there’s no better way for the entire family to bond than to enjoy time in a camper, however, there are those few occasions when packing and planning for a holiday can prove challenging. More so when camping or using a campervan.

You not only need to be well organised but also well prepared to ensure that the trip will kick off and end smoothly.

7 essential items for campervan holidays with kids

As well as reading this post, I encourage you to also check the list I have created, comprising all the things you should pack when going campervanning. But first, let’s check out the 7 essential items for campervan holidays with kids…

1. Clothing

Pack light but pack practical!

It won’t take long before the kids dirty their clothes and you don’t want to have to do your laundry daily.

Warm, cosy clothing for the winter and light coverups for the summer is perfect.

And don’t forget their favourite pyjamas so they can cuddle up and stargaze!

2. Vacuum storage bags are your saviour when going on campervan holidays with kids

These bags are a life saver as much as they are a space saver.  

You can pile all your towels/duvets and clothes in a single bag before using a pump to draw out all the air.

It helps in saving space in the campervan and keeps everything dust and moisture free.

The perfect solution for packing all those spare changes of clothes and storing dirty items!

3. Consider entertainment for the trip

You have to consider what you and the kids will be doing in the evenings, especially on the rainy ones when you can’t go for a walk on the beach.

While poker cards may work for adults, they may not be the ideal entertainment option for kids.

Consider packing some board games, and if your campervan is spacious, you could even throw in a monopoly set.

For younger children, consider chalks, nature-tick lists and perhaps even some gold coins for a treasure hunt out in the wild!

4. Crockery, cutlery & snacks

Although it may seem appealing to eat out during the trips, it still makes sense to pack crockery and cutlery for your snacks and meals.

And on the subject of snacks, their snack habits won’t subside because they’re on holiday, so be sure to stock up! SNACK, MUUUUM!!!

In particular, Tupperware and bowls with lids are particularly helpful for a mess-free experience.

5. Don’t forget the mobile phone charger when packing for campervan holidays with kids

Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that this is one item you can’t afford to travel without.

It has become every camper’s travel companion.

The mobile phone helps you stay in touch with your loved ones and serves as your video camera, internet and Wi-Fi hotspot, navigation system, and teleconferencing device.

Whether it’s keeping the kids quiet with a bit of youtube so you can enjoy a quiet evening, or in case of emergency, electronics are recommended – even for those looking to ‘unplug’ for their holiday.

6. First aid kit

If you are to fully fulfil your role as super mum/dad, you have to confirm that the campervan has a first aid kit.

Apart from it being present, it has to have all the essentials.

Children will always have the strangest of accidents, some can make you cry while others will make you laugh out loud.

Confirm it has the basics, i.e., insect bite cream, gauze pads, antiseptic cream, and hand sanitiser.

7. Home comforts

Your kids will have a blast sleeping in the camper after spending a large part of their day running around in the open. However, it might be a nightmare getting them to sleep without their favourite cuddly toy or storybook.

Be sure to pack the things that your children really cherish for calm, tear-free nights!

Essential items for campervan holidays with kids: a summary

So, there you have it, my guide on the essentials not to miss whilst packing for your family campervan holiday.

Be sure to stay safe and pack a phone charger and first aid kit in case of emergencies. Don’t forget the home comforts such as your kids fave toys and games, and pack plenty of clothing and snacks!

Oh, and don’t forget to have an amazing time!

Have I forgotten anything? Add your suggestions in the comments!